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A few hours of planning could save months of time.

Save your family months of time & thousands of dollars during the painful transition after a loss.

A little planning ahead goes a long way, and Alfred makes it easy. 
Learn more and get a free trial today. 
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Proudly brought to you by Berg Mortuary

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World-class planning.

Alfred helps you get everything organized and ready to be neatly handed off to your loved ones ahead of time, for a much smoother transition experience after you're gone. Want a closer look? Check out our demo.

"Planning ahead with Alfred saves valuable time and energy, and it's so easy to use." -  Brady Fox,
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White-glove service.

Your Alfred plan includes a user-friendly interface, free sharing, unlimited updates, industry-leading security, and more. Plus our specialists are available to meet with you one-on-one, so any questions you have can be answered along the way.

(Have reservations about technology?
Ask about our offline version.)

"Going through Alfred with my dad was easy, and incredibly helpful. It saved us money, too, because I found out about a pre-paid burial policy my dad already had that I had been budgeting to pay for. Thanks Alfred." - Marc, Bluffdale, UT

Legacy-building, simplified.

What legacy will you leave behind? Planning ahead will not only save your loved ones meaningful time and money during their grieving process; but it's also the best way to smoothly hand off photos, memories, possessions, and other legacy-preserving items.

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Brought to you by Berg Mortuary

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