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A few hours of planning could save months of time.

"Preparing for my mother's passing, and then handling her affairs after she passed, became like a part-time job I had to figure out that took two years. I wish we would've had alfred then."

-Sarah, 59

For a limited time, we are pleased to offer Berg Mortuary clients free consulting services and security training with their Alfred plan purchase.

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When a loved one passes away,

grieving family and friends are left to locate and settle their affairs.

This can take days, months, or even years, and is the last thing they want to be doing. 

Alfred helps people organize and share this information ahead of time, so that when that day comes, the transition is smoother for all involved. 



Alfred walks people step-by-step through organizing practical things, like:

  • Device passcodes

  • Funeral wishes

  • Funeral pre-plan information

  • Legal information

  • Financial account information

  • Family budget and expense information

  • And more


As well as legacy-preserving things, like:

  • Military service

  • Memories about friends and family

  • Photo, video, and audio files 

  • Journal and family history files 

  • Possessions and family heirloom information 

  • Charitable giving instructions

  • And more


"I knew we needed to help my dad get organized; but when we actually went through Alfred, I realized he needed it even more than we thought. It was so easy to use, and very thorough. We all have more peace of mind now as a result.


On top of that, as I went through it with him, he mentioned a pre-paid funeral policy he had, that I didn't know existed - and had been budgeting to pay for myself. But now I don't need to. So in a very real way, Alfred has already saved us both time and money. Thanks a bunch!"

     - Marc, 46

"We love Alfred because it's a more robust version of the checklists and processes we already use, while also being more secure, easier to share, and easier to update. 

Even with a hard copy checklist, we've seen families experience issues from them becoming outdated, getting mis-placed, or not being shared with the right people. With everything that comes with losing a loved one, we want to do our part to make these transitions as smooth as possible for our customers. That's why we are quick to recommend Alfred."

     - Brady, Funeral Director

Get started today.

For a limited time, we are pleased to offer Berg Mortuary pre-need clients

free consulting services with their Alfred plan purchase.

Click "Start Planning" below to get started today.
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