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Thanks for checking out alfred!

What is Alfred Transition Assistant?


Alfred teaches you what you need to organize so you have a robust end-of-life transition plan. Our user friendly website helps you manage your information simply. 


Our lives are always changing. So we'll remind you to come back and periodically update your plan so that the information is always the most current and useful for your family.


You can easily share your information with family members or professionals. Your kids will appreciate it and professionals will be able to make sure you have up to date legal and financial plans in place.

Talk to a real person.

We'd love to help you learn more. Many of our users appreciate a conversation over the phone to learn more about Alfred before they purchase. Click the button below to set up a free 15 minute discovery call.


We can find out in about 15 minutes if Alfred is a fit for you. We don't share or sell your information, and we won't bombard you with calls. Promise.

Start Now.

Skip the call and jump in right away! You've seen all you needed to see and are ready to start organizing your affairs. Click the button below to start using alfred now.

We offer two ways to pay - $4.99/month or $299 one time. You choose which option fits your situation better.

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