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Demo Videos

Our video library is always expanding. We hope to include videos that will answer any questions that you might have. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, check out our FAQ page or feel free to shoot us a message requesting a video explaining a certain feature.

For a helpful 4-minute overview of Alfred, check out our "Intro & Demo" video below! Or check out the videos below that for 2-3 minute walkthroughs on how to setup an account, build a plan, or view your plan in Alfred. More videos coming soon.

How to set up an account in alfred

This video walks you through setting up an account in alfred.

Building a plan in alfred

Here you can learn how to set up a Pro Plan. The instructions would apply to both the Practical and Preserver Plans as well.

Viewing your plan in alfred

Learn how to view an already completed plan in alfred.

alfred view plan.png
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