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Become an alfred partner

We partner with people who genuinely care about the well-being of their clients, patients, employees, and friends. When you offer alfred you strengthen your relationships and enhance your service offering.

One size doesn't fit all

Each of our partners has unique needs, so we offer several different partnership types. Our powerful planning tool will make life easier for your clients and their loved ones when they experience a loss.

Learn more about our different options below.

I want to offer alfred to my clients.

Best for funeral homes, financial advisors, senior care providers, or employers

We work with companies that want to enhance their product offering or employee benefits package by offering alfred to their clients or providing it as an employee benefit. We have a number of package options depending on the volume of accounts you need. Hit the button below and we'll connect to discuss plan options.

I want to recommend Alfred to my clients.

Best for funeral homes, financial advisors, senior care providers.

Our partner referral program is for professionals who want to recommend alfred to their clients as part of their service offering. Learn more about our partner referral program below.

I want to recommend alfred to my followers.

Best for social media, Youtube, blogger and other influencers.

If you have an audience that would benefit from alfred you can become an affiliate partner and introduce your following to this incredible tool. Join the alfred affiliate network today.

I want to refer someone to alfred.

Best for friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

Sharing alfred with someone close to you can make a world of difference. Click the button below to share their contact information. We will reach out to them and they'll be on their way to feeling confidently prepared in no time.

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