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Our premium planning tool creates valuable growth & efficiency opportunities for estate attorneys and their clients nationwide.

Claim your free copy of our Guide to Growth & Efficiency below, and start your free trial to see for yourself today!

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Use case: As a Growth engine

Estate Attorneys who use our premium planning tool as a growth engine typically experience:

  • More intros to potential 2nd generation clients thanks to the plan sharing feature;

  • More word-of-mouth referrals thanks to the increase in satisfaction from their clients;

  • They can instantly increase their average price per case by pricing the tool into their estate plan package;

  • More estate plan review business, thanks to the built-in plan review reminder feature; ​

  • More estate settling business, because more families think to reach out to them after a loss.

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Use case: As an Efficiency engine

Estate Attorneys who use our premium planning tool as an efficiency engine typically experience:

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  • A smoother experience with new clients during the intake and legal doc prep process, thanks to leveraging technology instead of legacy paper-based systems; 

  • A smoother, faster experience during estate plan reviews, thanks to leveraging our cloud-based technology that updates estate plan information in real-time as it's put in by the client;

  • Time savings for themselves and their clients during the painful process of settling an estate, thanks to the deceased's family, friends, and professionals all being on the same page ahead of time and knowing where to start;

  • Less time lost from helping sort through the family tension and conflict that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Getting started is easy! To begin:

1. Claim your free copy of our Guide to Growth & Efficiency: 

​​2. Start your free 30-day trial, below.

3. Follow the instructions on the confirmation screen to begin using the planning tool immediately!

*credit card required

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