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Save months,
in minutes.

Become the estate attorney of choice for high-net-worth clients in your area. 


Find out how Alfred can help your firm by booking a free 15-min consult below!

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Provide a superior experience.

In life, there are things that it makes sense to have organized and shared with loved ones ahead of time, just in case. We're proud to offer the world's easiest & most robust planning tool for organizing and sharing all of this information ahead of time - things like life insurance policies, account passwords, estate plan documents, and much more. 

Working together with estate attorneys we're able to unlock new channels of growth and efficiency within their firm, creating a superior experience for their clients and taking their business to the next level. 

Supercharge your business!

Our premium planning tool creates valuable growth & efficiency opportunities for you and your clients during all phases of the estate planning life cycle:

  • Increase your new business as a result of more word of mouth and 2nd generation client introductions, facilitated by the plan sharing feature;

  • Take advantage of more regular, profitable review business from the built-in plan review reminders occurring throughout the client's lifetime;

  • Increase your trust administration and estate settling business after the passing of a client, thanks to each shared plan including your information within it;

  • All while saving time on each case from the seamless sharing and updating of estate plan information the tool makes possible between you and your clients, as well as saving time during the painful affairs-settling process after a loss from having everyone on the same page, ahead of time, about what needs to be taken care of and where to start.

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Reduce Risk.

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While the legal industry has operated on paper-based systems for decades, sensitive documents still sometimes end up lost, stolen, or otherwise in the wrong hands. Or worse, sometimes the opposite occurs and loved ones can't locate the estate plan when they need it most. Today's high-net-worth consumers have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to legal services, and increasingly want tech to be a part of the experience. They want an attorney who can offer this, and many will even walk out the door to find one.

Working together, Alfred keeps you safe while helping you attract and retain valued clients and meet their demanding expectations!

Start today!

Most clients working with us can see at least a
3x ROI in just their first month with Alfred.

Can we do the same for you? 
Find out today!  

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